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DIY: Practical tools that trigger soc...

DIY: Practical tools that trigger social innovation

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Question...

Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions
Are “essential questions” in project-based learning really that ‘essential’ or demanding of higher order thinking? One of the easiest ways to explain what we’re looking for in the way a project is set, is whether the statement or questions being asked can be Googled easily: is this a Googleable or Not Googleable [...]

Creative Routines

Creative Routines

The Future Project

The Future Project
                    Believe Emerging science shows that a young person’s mindset can predict what he or she achieves. That’s why Dream Directors work with students to define their values and their strengths, and to understand the power they have to influence the world around them—regardless o [...]

One Day University

One Day University
ONE DAY U STUDENTS Most of us remember college as days when we lived a life of nearly total intellectual stimulation. We were free to explore the world of ideas, books, and learning. Unfortunately, very few young adults fully appreciate the opportunity college affords them, until long after they’ve graduated. Once they have settled in [...]

Overcoming the Assessment Culture to ...

Overcoming the Assessment Culture to Achieve Real Education Reform
    Dr. Richard Elmore Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership, Administration, Planning and Social Policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education Professional development for educators is a fundamental key to large-scale improvement of learning for children. Yet building the capaci [...]

How Afterschool Programs Are Preparin...

How Afterschool Programs Are Preparing Kids to Join the STEM Workforce
  Every year a group of public high school students from all over Pittsburgh gathers at Winchester Thurston School for an afterschool course that teaches them how to program mobile apps. Some students might learn how to design a game. Others might learn how to create a painting program. And some might learn how to build a simple app to [...]

Engagement and Impact: Design Thinkin...

Engagement and Impact: Design Thinking and the Arts
          That computer mouse that fits so nicely in your hand, the way your iPhone reacts to your creative way of spelling, the “so simple why didn’t I think of that?” processes you encounter every day — these are the result of design thinking, a sequential process embraced by innovative comp [...]

Making Learning Connected

Making Learning Connected
Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone who’s interested in making, creativity and learning. We begin June 15. Together over six weeks we will play with new tools and processes for making projects, share our results and our learning, and explore the educational model kn [...]

Krause Innovation Studio Penn State

Krause Innovation Studio Penn State
  Teaching first, Technology second The Krause Innovation Studio defines its work in terms of interactions and activities, rather than tools and technologies. Our vision is of a physical and intellectual space focused on developing 21st century educational leaders who engage in innovation and research with emerging technological tools, [...]

a2ru Emerging Creatives Conference: B...

a2ru Emerging Creatives Conference: Beyond STEM to STEAM
Anya Ventura | Center for Art, Science & Technology February 19, 2014 Hundreds of students from 25 schools came together to participate in a series of experiential “design thinking bootcamps” at the first annual a2ru Emerging Student Creatives conference. Stanford University’s Stanford Arts Institute hosted the event, with a creative [...]

Penn’s Graduate School of Education l...

Penn’s Graduate School of Education launches $2.1M edtech incubator
This fall, five startups will participate in Penn‘s Graduate School of Education (GSE) six-month edtech incubator, according to a release. The $2.1 million effort, first announced in May, is called the Education Design Studio, Inc. Participating companies do not have to move to Philadelphia, like they would with other programs like DreamIt V [...]

Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry
The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is offering all kinds of cool classes for youth and educators.  Flying, floating, spinning, and drawing machines galore. Looks like such a cool space, I want to catch an airplane and check it out now.

The usefulness of useless knowledge

The usefulness of useless knowledge
By Dr. Abraham Flexner, published 1955 in Harper’s (Abraham Flexner was an American educator. His Flexner Report, published in 1910, reformed medical education in the United States. He also helped found the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.) The Editor of this JOURNAL believes that Dr. Flexner’s paper is one of those timeless [...]

White House Announces First Maker Fai...

White House Announces First Maker Faire
        The administration plans to launch a comprehensive effort to enable students and entrepreneurs to access the tools, facilities, and expertise that can assist them to be inventive and productive. This effort will feature a variety of opportunities for individual Makers and for institutions from the corporate and pu [...]

POP!Tech: Global Community of Innovat...

POP!Tech: Global Community of Innovators
Around the world, visionary change agents are hard at work incubating new approaches to the planet’s toughest challenges. Yet they’re often doing so without taking advantage of the latest tools and thinking in technology, communications and innovation – or a network of experts, peers, and supporters who can help them truly change the world. h [...]

Studio H: Design Lessons and Resource...

Studio H: Design Lessons and Resources for the Classroom
Check out Project H, a unique design program in Berkeley.  Their website has inspiring and practical design lessons to use with students.  Bringing the quality and level of thinking found in undergrad/grad schools to k-12.    

Emily Pilloton: Social Innovator, Hum...

Emily Pilloton: Social Innovator, Humanitarian Designer
Biography The founder of Project H Design, a Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow, USA Network’s Character Approved Award Winner, and guest on The Colbert Report, Emily was also chosen for The Nifty 50 in The New York Times’ T Magazine, a list of America’s up-and-coming. A designer on paper and high school teacher in practice, Emily works a [...]

Taxonomy of Innovation

Taxonomy of Innovation
From Harvard Business Review

Creativity- an academic discpline on ...

Creativity- an academic discpline on some campuses
(New York Times online) IT BOTHERS MATTHEW LAHUE and it surely bothers you: enter a public restroom and the stall lock is broken. Fortunately, Mr. Lahue has a solution. It’s called the Bathroom Bodyguard. Standing before his Buffalo State College classmates and professor, Cyndi Burnett, Mr. Lahue displayed a device he concocted from a large w [...]


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